Rob Moose & Phoebe Bridgers  "Copycat Killer"





“If you want to add some soaring majesty to your music in the form of gorgeous, sweeping strings – and have any sense – you’ll go to producer and arranger Rob Moose.”- Will Richards 


“Moose’s string rearrangements add a depth that was never missing from Punisher, but is gratefully received.” -Marianne Eloise



“Combined with the soaring strings in the chorus and the silvery, pleading vocals, the Copycat Killer version of ‘Chinese Satellite’ leaves the original for dead.” - Alex Rigotti



“The project was undertaken with Rob Moose, (producer and arranger for some pretty big names, including Bon Iver and Paul Simon), and if anyone was going to inject even more magic into Phoebe’s work, this was the guy. - Verity Vincent



“The EP’s first few seconds of sustained, tentative strings suggest a symphony tuning before a great performance — which the ethereal orchestrations that follow absolutely deliver.” - Clara V. Nguyen 

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"The violinist and co-founder of the reliably exciting contemporary sextet yMusic has hit something of a stride recently in the pop lane with such artists as Bon Iver, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Sara Bareilles and Phoebe Bridgers. You may have recently spotted Moose, 39, appearing (in a spacesuit) with Bridgers on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” or as a sextet of himself on “Late Night With James Corden.” Over the pandemic, Moose also created orchestrations for Laura Marling and 12 Ensemble’s BBC Proms performance at Royal Albert Hall.




"their willingness to shift directions mid-song doesn’t feel like the work of ADHD minds — that some songs seem like stitched together fragments doesn’t feel haphazard, but more a cosmic patchwork of segments that shouldn’t work together, but that Palladino and Mills have found ways to actually fit together — and make it seem totally effortless." Holly Hazelwood


"The album certainly leaves you with a sense of dislocation and déjà vu, as if hearing musical avenues open, meander deliciously, then abruptly slam shut. It’s disorientating, surprising, at times deeply funky, and often very beautiful." Tim Clarke

Pino Palladino & Blake Mills "Notes With Attachments

Makaya McCraven "We're New Again" 



"it is a pleasure to hear Scott-Heron’s voice – whether in scratchy falsetto or in soliloquising baritone – and McCraven’s rearranging, often minimising instrumentation, pays beautiful homage to it. By sampling and placing his work within the radical future of Chicago’s jazz scene, McCraven honours Scott-Heron’s memory anew." Ammar Kalia


"We’re New Again’ is an incredible album that feels more like ‘I’m New Here 2.0’ rather than a reworked version. This is down to McCraven being respectful with the source material. Rather than make a jazzier version of the original, he found the natural rhythm to the lyrics and built songs around them.

In doing so, Makaya McCraven breathes new life into not only the album but Scott-Heron’s legacy." Nick Roseblade

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