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 David Passick


David Passick has played a key role in highly successful recordings, festivals and groundbreaking television, film, tours, and international marketing concepts.  His clients have been recognized with awards and nominations for the most prestigious honors in entertainment, including Oscars, Emmys, Grammy’s (including Album, Song, and Producer of the Year), and those from ASCAP, BMI, Soul Train, and Down Beat. Just as impressive, these honors have been in numerous musical genres, pop, rock, jazz, a/c, and r&b. David has overseen the making of the records, the marketing plans, including the visuals accompanying all releases and then led the labels efforts while his artists were on the road. Collectively, during his career David has helped his clients generate over a 100 million album sales.


David has worked with various songwriters, producers, and engineers as well as artists throughout his career that have produced #1 records in pop, R&B, A/C, and country music.  The songwriters under David’s tutelage have had songs appear on records that have sold over seventy five million copies.  Jon Lind, Phil Galdston, Angie Aparo, Anders Bagge, and Was Not Was’, Don Was are just a few of the many people David has worked with.  He has managed over 17 years-award-winning productions for Bonnie Raitt, The Rolling Stones, B-52s, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Brian Wilson.  He has also worked closely with Mick Guzauski  - one of the most in-demand mixing engineers of the past 20 years.


David has also supervised music for over 30 motion pictures and television projects, bridging the interests of filmmakers/film companies and recording artists/labels, while serving his client base. David identified how music should be placed in the films, who should write the songs and determined what artists would record them.  He also acted as the principal negotiator of these artist deals.

Here are some of his various accomplishments:​

  • Co-supervised with Phil Galdston a season of Miami Vice - Heralded for its use of contemporary music as a soundtrack.  

  • Co-produced with Don Was, I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

  • Critically acclaimed, award-winning documentary based on the life of Brian Wilson

  • The film was nominated for “Documentary of the Year” for both the Cable Ace Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards

  • Debut at the Sundance Film Festival and then won the Golden Gate Award

  • Played a major role in the development Rhythm, Country & Blues, a music documentary uniting the seemingly disparate worlds of R&B and Country music.

  • The PBS broadcast generated the sale of more than 1M albums demonstrating that pop music could break the bonds of hit-driven radio.

  • Co-produced the first three years of the Tokyo Jazz Festival and brought together a wide range of artists, hoping to transform the notions of a jazz festival

  • Consultant to Steve Madden Shoes, overseeing music integration and joint ventures. He created Steve Madden Music, a ground breaking multi-tiered marketing initiative aligning the Madden brand with emerging artists. Among those who have appeared prior to their commercial success: Katy Perry, Jazmine Sullivan, Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga, Melanie Fiona, Iyaz, Jason DeRulo, K’naan, Neon Trees, and Never Shout Never.



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